Day Trip by Varietal



              Total Trai Miles: 16.1

              (Approximately 4.0 hours / Three Wineries)

Biodynamic wine is defined as wine made from grapes grown within the principals of biodynamic farming. Like organic, biodynamic farming is based on the concept of sustainability through healthy soils and ecosystems but adds an element of containment and self-support. For further clarification, start the day with a full tour at Benziger before tasting through the wine trail. Lasseter, Laurel Glen and Hanzell represent some of the finest wines in Sonoma Valley so there has to be advantages to this process. Take the day trip and taste the difference!


1. Benziger

    (The Aristocrat, French Colombard)

2. Laurel Glen *

    (Rosella Rosé, Estate Cabernet Sauvignon)

3. Lasseter *

   (Chemin de Fer, Paysage)

4. Hanzell *

   (Chardonnay, Pinot Noir)

Alternate:  Finish at Adastra if Hanzell is booked.

Restaurant recommendation:

Harvest Moon Cafe

(707) 933-8160

Reservations Required *


Laurel Glenn