Day Trip by Appellation

Napa to Alexander Valley

              Total Trail Miles 42.0

              (Approximately 4.5 hours / Three wineries)


If your staying in Calistoga or anywhere near the northern end of Napa Valley, consider a day trip to Alexander Valley. For convenience of travel, we suggest starting the trail at Stuhlmuller Vineyards and then working your way South. Quality wine paired with classic wine country aesthetics make this day trip unique and well worth the adventure north. Pack a picnic lunch and extend the experience!


1. Stuhlmuller Vineyards 

   (Estate Chardonnay, Estate Cabernet Sauvignon)

2. Hanna 

   (Bizmark Titan, Malbec)

3. Storybook Mountain *

   (Mayacamas Zinfandel, Eastern Exposure Zinfandel)

4. Bennett Lane *

   (Maximus Red, Maximus White)

Alternate: Vincent Arroyo *

Restaurant recommendation:

Lovina in Calistoga

(707) 942-6500

Reservations Required *

Bennett Lane