Day Trips by Theme



               Total Trail Miles: 24.1

               (Approximately 4.5 hours / Three wineries)

Gardens pair with vineyards like wine with food so we built a day trip around the better examples in Napa Valley. This trail explores some of Napa's most unique garden designs within estates that pour equally expressive wine including Topiary (Newton), Victorian (Boeschen), Sustainable (Frog's Leap) and Water (Domain Chandon). Newton and Boeschen are extended stops with designated times of visititation so be sure to plan ahead. Start the trail at Spring Mountain Vineyards if you're unable secure a reservation at Newton.


1. [Newton Vineyards] *

   (Unfiltered Chardonnay, Puzzle)

2. Boeschen *

   (Cabernet Sauvignon, Katie's Rosé)

3. Frog's Leap *

   (Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc)

4. Domaine Chandon

   (étoile Brut, Reserve Rosé)

Alternate: Cakebread *or Spring Mountain Vineyard *

Restaurant Recommendation:

Redd Wood in Yountville

(707) 299-5030

Reservations Required *

[Elevated Experience] = 90 minutes / $ 60 + 

Redd Wood