Day Trip by Theme

Dessert Wine

               Total Trail Miles 23.8

               (Approximately 4.5 hours / 3 Visits)


Dessert wine is a sweet wine that's typically high in sugar manufactured through the natural process on the vine, by removing water or adding it before/or after fermentation. In addition, some dessert wines are fortified to create higher levels of alcohol. Only a few Napa Valley wineries produce a dessert wine but we've discovered some of best available for your enjoyment. Without question and for obvious reasons, the route has to begin at Prager Port. The remaining trail is a unique exploration of wine made in its most seductive style from the very fine white grapes of Napa Valley.


1. Prager Port  

   (Aria White Port,  Royal Escort Port)

2. Joseph Phelps *

   (Delice, Insignia)

3. Honig *

   (Sauvignon Blanc, Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc)

4. Luna 

   (Estate Pinot Grigio, Mille Baci)

Alternate: V. Sattui

Restaurant recommendation:

Zazu in Napa

(707) 224-8555

Reservations Required *