Day Trip by Theme

Walking Calistoga

              Total Trail Miles 1.6

              (Approximately 4.0 hours / Three wineries)


The Calistoga walking tour leads you from one end of town to the other with two stops along main street. The trail in an eclectic mix of wineries with notable representations of Diamond Mountain Cabernet's (Von Strasser), Sauvignon Blanc/Rosé (Picayune), Charbono/Petite Sirah (August Briggs) and Rhone Red's/Zinfandels (T-Vine). Make a point of carrying lots of water along the route - it gets hot up here!


1. Von Strasser

   (Post Vineyard Cabernet, Estate Cabernet Sauvignon)

2. Picayune Cellars 

   (Sauvignon Blanc, Padlock)

3. August Briggs

    (Charbono, Petite Sirah)

4. T-Vine *

   (Frediani Pitite Sirah, Black Sears Zinfandel)

Alternate: Vermeil Wines

Restaurant recommendation:

Calistoga Inn Restaurant

 (707) 942-4101 

Reservations Required *

Calistoga Inn Restaurant