How to Use

Wine Country Navigator is a unique collection of Day Trips linking the aesthetics of travel with memorable winery visits. Our formula, Aesthetics + Taste + Discovery insures  selected visits and routes of travel work within a choreographed sequence to create a seamless, cohesive experience. Ideally, your group should not exceed six.


Each wine trail is built around a specific theme, grape varietal or growing region (appellation) so the options are diverse and robust. The entire collection is hand crafted and supported by 30 years of California Wine Country travel experience.


Go to California Wineries, Select a Region and  Day Trip Wine Trail

Our day trips are built upon three winery visits within a specific route. Click on the numbers for winery details.

A fourth option is offered in the event primary reservations are not available or you want to extend the afternoon.

A restaurant recommendation is displayed and linked to complete the day trip experience.


Reserve your Guided Day Trip by Clicking on the 'Book It' Button.

Most wineries require reservations so it's imperative you plan ahead. Weeks ahead if it's a weekend or high season.

Send us your desired wine trail, number of people, date of travel and special requests. Hit send.

We will respond with a phone call to confirm the information and request a credit card to secure winery reservations.


We'll Pick You Up

We will pick you up in San Francisco, Sonoma or Napa.

Typically, the day includes three winery visits but we can add a fourth non reservation option upon request. 

Guides provide relevant information, a little backstory and answer all questions throughout the day.

WCN provides plenty of water and fresh baguettes during the course of the day. A delicious boxed lunch can be provided upon request.