Day Trip by Appellation

Conn Valley Adventure


               Total Trail Miles: 8.1

               (Approximately 4.0 miles)

Simply stated, the entire Conn Valley is a hidden gem within Napa Valley. Take a right turn on Howell Mountain Road traveling north on the Silverado Trail and find yourself in another world of forests, rolling hills and beautiful estates showcasing spectacular views and exceptional wine. Ride through the vineyards at Aonair, taste unique Bordeaux varietals around the historic stone barn at Seavey and enjoy colorful stories inside the caves at Anderson's Conn Valley. Overall, a spectacular Napa Get Away within Napa Valley!


1. Aonair *

   (Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache Blend)

2. [Seavey*

   (Cabernet Sauvignon, Caravina Cabernet)

3. Anderson's Conn Valley

   (Right Bank Napa Valley, Eloge)

Alternate: Buehler * 

Restaurant Recommendation:

The Grill at Meadowood

 (877) 963-3646 


Reservations Required *

[Elevated Experience] = 90 minutes / $ 60 + 

Anderson's Conn Valley